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Card products for certain categories of customers

It is well known that banks interact with both individuals and organizations. Working with each of these categories is characterized by its own nuances cvvwithpin. Therefore, payment cards for them differ in the list of declared functions, as well as the subtleties of service

1. Cards for individuals are linked to their personal accounts. The name and surname of the owner are printed on the front surface of the plastic

2. Cards for business clients are linked to a single corporate account, but both company managers and a limited number of employees have access to Finance on it. These cards are used for making payments and settlements in the interests of the company

3. Co-branded cards include the same here. They are issued in cooperation with large companies. Paying with these cards for their services and products dumpsshopforum, you can safely hope for pleasant bonuses and discounts

4. Dividing Bank cards into classic, gold, platinum and premium ones also involves segmentation of customers by banks

Splitting maps by data reading method

1. when making payment transactions, contact carddumpswebsite must interact directly with the terminal or ATM via microchip contacts or a magnetic stripe

2. Contactless cards do not need direct contact with the reader. To perform operations with them, just bring them a few seconds closer to the terminal. To communicate with the reader, these cards are equipped with a compact antenna for receiving uniccshopcc electromagnetic waves from the terminal